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VERO Professional Two Way Radio VR-F70 (Approved By FCC,CE,ROHS,C-TICK )
VR-F70 is a smooth shell ,rugges classic practical radio .It looks sleek and have a excellent ergonomic design . This radio has voice encrytion and voice compandor both feature which have a strong anti-interference ,it will keep be heard clearly. VR-F70 adopts the stylus to the headphone jack ,waterproof performance is better .Long standby,quality solid ,stable performance which help users for daily communications ,scheduling coordination to provide quality protection.
Wide Band-width
  UHF :350-390/400-470/450-520 MHZ
VHF:136-174 MHZ
Wide band-width meets users requirement for different frequrncy .
Clear Voice
  Use of large diameter speakers ,allowing users still keep communicating in a noisy environment .
Emergency Alarm
  Press the alarm button when the user is in an emergency .VR-F70 will sound a maximum volume of alarm .
  This function does not require any additional accessories ,when activated it ,any other party listening on your channel will be unable understand your conversation.
  Activated this function, you can speak quietly into the radio and still be heard clearly.
Channel Annunciation
  The radio will be auto annunciation current channel position when you turn ON or switch the channel .
  VR-F70 with CTCSS/DCS ,PTT ID and DTMF ,using these function will achieved all calss ,group calls ,single call ,stun ,kill and wake up .
128 Channels
  VR-F70 has 128 channels , up to 8 groups ,it make your call more privacy .
Burst Tones
  User can set up 1750Hz,2100Hz,1000Hz,1450Hz Tones according to the reqirements.These function mostly used in repeater .
Wide(25KHz/20KHz) & Narrow(12.5KHz)
  User can choose different communication systems to required channel bandwidth ,VR-007P can be set to three modes .Wide band 25KHz &20KHz and Narrow band 12.5KHz .They can switch between different channels by software .
2 programmable side-key ,this functions can be set according to the demand .
  Users can set PF1 and PF2 feature according to different requirement.
PTT ID Encode (DTMF Decode and Encode)
  It provides identification of radio to control center or radio with DTMF decode, it is quite useful for communication management. ENI will be sent when you press or release PTT button if this function is on.
The battery power detection
  After setting this function, the radio through the different prompt to indicate the full battery, a full, discontent, low power consumption state.
Embedded information and serial number
  Embedded information can record maintenance or written frequency and other historical records.It is convenient for maintenance and service, and the serial number can be read by programming software,.Also,the distributor can use this function to identify different areas and different time products.
VOX Function
  Voice automatic control function can be through talking to complete the transmitting operation without manually holding down the PTT button.This function is very suitable for some special occasions which the user hands are occupied for use.
Reverse frequency, talk around function
  When the repeater close or beyond the repeater coverage, starting this function can communicate with other radios.
  Unique CTCSS /CDCSS is useful to setup group users to avoid unwanted conversations on the same channel.
High/medium/low power conversion
  The user can through the programming software to set each channel power for high/medium/low power, according to the practical use of the environment and distance requirements, setting a reasonable reflection power, then effectively save power.
Channel lock function
  Sartitng this function, the code switch is deactivated, and the channel will stay in the current channel forever.
Priority scan
  This radio can be set two priority channels, when open the scanning function, the priority channel will be scanned firstly.
  The feature allows for more efficient use of channels by limiting the amount of time of each transmission. Also, it effectively avoids radio damage because of long-time transmission.



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