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207 memory channel
  Include 200 memory channels and 6 scan channeld and 1 call channel
  Ensuring full compatibility with all channel loading requirements, the VX-4600? synthesizer provides 2.5 kHz resolution. Channel programming therefore is straightforward in all configuration situations.
Power Output: 50 W (VHF), 40 W (UHF)
  Providing a solid 50 Watts of VHF power output UHF: 40 Watts), the VR-4600? construction includes a massive, die-cast outer case which doubles as the heatsink. And the Automatic Power Control (APC) circuit ensures stable power output over a very wide range of ambient temperatures.
Wide(25KHz/20KHz) & Narrow(12.5KHz)

User can choose different communication systems to required channel bandwidth ,VR-4600 can be set to three modes .Wide band 25KHz &20KHz and Narrow band 12.5KHz .They can switch between different channels by software .

Front mounted speaker
  ,4 watts (typ.) front mounted speaker delivers clear and loud audio. With the speaker facing the operator, audio can be clearly heard without impediment during operation.
Burst Tone
  User can set up 1750Hz,2100Hz,1000Hz,1450Hz Tones according to the reqirements.These function mostly used in repeater .
PTT ID Encode (DTMF Decode and Encode)
  It provides identification of radio to control center or radio with DTMF decode, it is quite useful for communication management. ENI will be sent when you press or release PTT button if this function is on.

Scanning searches for signals automatically and makes it easier to locate new stations for contact or listening purposes.There are 3 scan types to suit your operating needs.
..Full Scan
..Programmed Scan
..Memory Scan

Radio kill, stun and revive
  The radio kill/stun functions disable a lost or stolen radio over the air, eliminating security threats from undesired listeners. When the stun command is received, all functions will be temporary locked out
until the revive command is received or the unlock password is entered.
Priority Watch
  Priority watch checks for signals on a VFO frequency every 5 sec. while operating on a memory channel. The transceiver has 3 priority watch types to suit your needs. You can transmit on the VFO frequency while the priority watch operates.
Wide frequency coverage
  The VR-4600 series covers a wide frequency range in one version (VHF 136?174MHz, UHF 400?70 or 450?12MHz).
S-meter squelch
  The transceiver has an S-meter squelch. The S-meter squelch allows you to set minimum signal level needed to open the squelch.

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